Fall Expo


 September 28, 2019

9am - 5pm

Kent Commons

*Free Admission - Free Parking*




Iridology/Eye Reading


Psychic Readers


Handcrafted Jewelry


Herbal Body Products






Local Artists

Metaphysical Authors


Raw Hide Drums

Exotic Clothing


Free Lectures

Paid Workshops

Animal Communications


Fall Vendors

Transcendent Light

Dragon Reiki Drums

Peace of the Earth Jewelry

A Minds Eye Apothecary

Red Butterfly

Wizard Azanon
All Divine Tarot

Janes Inspiration

Murray Porath

Perfect Karma

Sage Advice-John Skryman

Terri Clement

Dr. Donna Lee

NW Psychic Fairs

Wynnies Angelz

Tarot By Bill

Sandra McNaughton

Mari Beckman

Leslie Fonteyne

Magical Gems

Deni Luna


Earth & Sky Divination

Manifestations Life

Z Energi

Akashic Roots

Crystal Source

Gallery Sati, LLC

Hands Talk

Nature Works

Kay Kai Oils


Spiritual Journeys

Clairvoyant Readings

Donna Seebo

Harmonie Daniels


Jupiter Rising

Medicare Exchange

Active Life Force


Linda Belles


Aura Song, LLC

Carlene Frye

The Scarlet Crow

Aura Song LLC

Healing Energy Angels


Living Light Alchemy Design

Out of this World Radio

Angelic Clarification

Conscious Mastery Coaching

Dr. Todd

Sedona Enlilghened Medicine

Kai Bertrand Energy Healer

Heather Tuller Energy Healer

Melanie Chase


I AM Spirit Art

The Gathering of the Forces of Light
Cosmic Earth Medicine
​Illumination Arts
Shungite Honey
​​Crystal Angels
Hearts Compass
Spiritual Directors Int'l
Siren's Song
Ann Inman Intuitive
Weaving Oneness
Miniature Wytche Tarot
Kevin Cain Rune Reader
Full Moon Rising Body Care Co. LLC
Flying Rowan Healing Arts
Linda Joy The Blue Sky
Atara Productions
Earthlight Rocks &  Gems
The Lifting
Healing Stone Foundry
Edgar Cayce Great NW Event Network
Jeanie Sparkx Psychic Readings
​Personal Pyramid Power
The Angel Whisperer
True Essence Holistic Healiing
Crystal Quarry
​​​Training in Power
Chakra Coach
Lhasa Trade
Donna Zontak Massage
Spirit in Motion
Organic Teas
Poblete Coaching,LLC
Charlie Cardinal Intuitive Spiritual Guide
Shamanic Reiki Center & Wakan Drums