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How to use MS Word to Format your Book for Publishing


This course shows you easy and step-by-step instructions on how to properly format your document using MS Word.


Are you frustrated with trying to get Microsoft Word to do what you want it to do?


Shouldn't doing something like adding in Page Numbers, Pictures or a Table of Contents be easy?


Are all the references you find online talking about complex business formatting or for doing things that don't matter to you?


I've successfully published five of my own books and helped numerous others get their books properly formatted and published.


This course offers a host of easy to use tips and tricks with specific step-by-step instructions about formatting with the intent of publishing a book. I'm using MS Word Version 2010 for these lessons and the same commands are applicable to all recent versions.


I've also included many extra bonus lessons including "What is Front Matter", "Pagination" and "Cross-References" that you should find useful.


So if you've written a book or are writing a book, ENROLL NOW to save yourself lots of grief down the road.





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