Keynote Speaker Colby Wilk

and Workshops for March 2020 Expo



​​Who is Colby Wilk? He is a spiritual healer. He helps people shift their relationship with their lives and themselves by gaining a profound connection to higher realms. And not just for a moment, but in a profound, ongoing way.

Spiritual healing. Sounds nice, but what is it, exactly?

Spiritual healing is solving what seems to be unsolvable. It is overcoming crippling and seemingly insurmountable perennial problems — whether physical illness, love or money troubles—so that the hurt, pain and dysfunction ceases and in their place emerges a life full of health, joy and completeness.

What he offers is not a miracle, although at times it is miraculous. For more information

20 minute healing sessions available for a special rate of $75

​11am - Noon





You can be safe wherever you are! How do you protect yourself from others' energy?   Have you worn crystals or a particular color to strengthen your aura? Or maybe you have invoked guides for protection? As sensitive people, regardless of all our efforts, we still seem to be at the effect of others' energy and thought forms.  What is the answer to being a sensitive in the world? 


In this highly interactive workshop participants learn to direct their psychic anatomy to access the web that connects all of Life.  Instead of using strategies to shield yourself, learn how to increase your energy field’s integrity and its flow.  Learn energetic practices to move out of the mental field, the domain of negative thought forms, and take your place on the planet by anchoring into your body, purpose and ground. By the end of this workshops participants will be more able to keep their energy intact and flowing even at Ikea, Costco or with their Mother in laws.

For more information about Colby and for FREE healing visit:

20 minute healing sessions available for a special rate of $75

1pm - 3pm




Maximize your impact as a healer while building your own wellness Learn to be a more powerful, impactful healer by activating he healing modality that is native to your energy field. By working through your own essence your healing powers magnify and healings are more effective, efficient and long lasting.  Whether you’re a seasoned healer or just curious about healing join us and learn to better facilitate permanent change while evolving your own consciousness. Learn: how to maximize your impact, how "to do" healings that increase your own wellness and how to open your intuition wide to receive accurate psychic information.  Colby Wilk, a professional Psychic Embodiment Healer will do verifiable healing work with everyone in the room as well as work directly with individuals to magnify their healing impact. 


This workshop/lecture is especially good for healers of all walks, who tend to give more than they receive assisting others at the expense of their own health and energy. For more information about Colby and for FREE healings, visit:


20 minute healing sessions available for a special rate of $75