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11:00 am - Mill Creek Room

Mind Dynamics - Donna Seebo, The Donna Seebo Show

Description: Everyone has intuitive/psychic talents. However, they demonstrate themselves in various ways and sometimes we just don’t understand how to recognize them, and/or how to use them. Donna will be giving demonstrations of her talents and also will share some of the steps you can use to bring forth your own abilities.


12:00 - Mill Creek Room

Animal Communication - Susy Davis, Animal Communicator

Description: Susy had a near death experience and when she came back one of the gifts she was given was being able to communicate with animals. Susy will be doing demonstrations after her talk, people will be welcome to bring photographs of their animals. 

1:00 pm - Mill Creek Room

​Living from Both Your Inside World and Outside World -Transformational Tools - Arlene Arnold

Description: Many of us have been learning about and developing our inside world of intuition and knowing. Our work now is to be fully aware of the outside world as we remember that we are in human form and we came to be influencers in the outside world.

Join Arlene Arnold and Betsy Hollister as we experience how color energies, feminine & masculine energies, and sacred geometry can help bring those worlds into a seamless flow.


Arlene Arnold: author of oracle decks ColorCards and Luminaries; facilitator of Complementary Color Therapy & Inner Reality Therapy.


2:00 pm


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