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Donna Seebo

Delphi Vision International, Inc., Mrs. Seebo’s Classics, Vision Broadcasting


Donna Seebo is an International Mental Practitioner, Counselor, Speaker, Teacher, Award-Winning Author, Minister, Radio/TV Personality and  Talk Show Host/Producer of-'The Donna Seebo Show'and 'Warriors for Peace- which is heard internationally weekdays.


Donna began her journey into the development of mind skills in her early 20’s after meeting her mentor.  For 10 years she dedicated herself to the development of her skills working with a Spiritualist Church in Gardena, California, as an assistant minister, eventually becoming ordained and then working publicly and professionally.


She started her broadcasting career first in television and evolved into radio as a guest, doing programming nationally and internationally. It was within a few years she started doing her own programs on a weekly basis and in 2001 she took the giant leap into daily broadcasts with a local terrestrial station.  Today she has her own international network, interviewing people from all walks of life, from around the world. She has interviewed over 10,000 people to date and in 2021 is celebrating 20 years with the Donna Seebo Show and 7 years with Warriors for Peace.


As a speaker, she has appeared before groups large and small.  A storyteller, an excellent speaker, her programs have received 5 star ratings and audiences love the demonstrations that she often provides as part of her presentations. Some of her programs are currently on U-Tube.


She has produced award-winning illustrated children’s publications, audio books, e-books, and non-fiction publications that you can find on her Mrs. Seebo’s Classics website.


For over 40 years Donna has worked as a minister, counselor, and mental practitioner/psychic.  She believes that the tools of the intuitive self are meant to empower people to live better and  more fulfilling lives.  She is available for private consultations and also public appearances.







Colby Wilk

Heal Through Spirit


Utilizing highly developed intuitive skills, Colby Wilk  sees past the surface helping you identify what is hidden, long forgotten, and currently doing you damage.  By helping you to bring into consciousness what has been long suppresed, you can finally process what has been left behind, abandoned, and undealt with.  Colby teaches energetic practices to assist you to enter into super states of well being so you can experience thriving anywhere and with anyone.   With compassion and humor, Colby partners with you to help you take heroic journey into your body and soul.  To learn more about psychic embodiment healing and for FREE healings and energetic practices, visit:





Carolyn White

Chakra Coach


Carolyn White PhD—Author, Speaker and Intuitive Chakra Life Coach—is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH), a Certified Spiritual Counselor (CSC), Reiki Master and an International Hypnosis Federation Certified Instructor (CHI).


     Her passion for learning about our Human Energy System and the Mind/Body/Spirit connection has spanned over four decades, during which time she sought out mentors who were wise and pure of heart. Carolyn's journey has lead her from early studies of Hermetic wisdom, astrology, numerology, and tarot with Doris Chase Doane, human energy systems-the aura and chakras-with Jack Schwarz to mentoring with James Wanless, Shelley Stockwell Nicolas and Richard Sutphen.


     In 2007, Carolyn capped her life’s achievements with a doctoral program and thesis awarding her a PhD in Esoteric Studies from American Pacific University. She is a certified Reflexologist, a Level III IACT Color Therapist and a Certified Aura Video Station Consultant. Carolyn’s love of painting motivated her to extensively study color at Emily Carr College.


     Over the years, Carolyn has applied her studies and experience to help others discover their innate beauty and inner wisdom. Her classes evolved into several books so she could share these wisdom teachings to a broader audience: Think It->Say It->Be It: Use Your words t Change Your Life; Chakra Mastery: 7 Keys to Discover Your Inner Wisdom; Color Me Healthy, Wealthy and Wise- Transform Your Life with Colors & Crystals; and the Chakra Mastery journal series.


     In 2017, a NDE provided Carolyn with a life challenge which provided a test and affirmed her life's teachings and heart-centered wisdom.


     Besides writing, speaking and chakra coaching, Carolyn volunteers for the Emoto Peace Project America, serving on the board of directors.  She loves to create - from graphic design, sewing, fiber arts to restoring vintage trailers. Carolyn performs with her guitarist husband Gerry, singing and playing the bass guitar.



     Since 2005, Carolyn and Gerry have been regulars at major metaphysical fairs and private events, offering aura and chakra photos with intuitive insights. They also host the annual Cosmic Awareness Fair in Lacey/Olympia WA. Carolyn and Gerry are also available for private consultations.










Arlene Arnold


Transformational Tools LLC


For 25 years Arlene Arnold has been on a mission to develop easy, effective tools that allow people to easily release old patterns that keep them stuck, so they can move forward as the brilliant light of their inner truth. She is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator as well as founder of Complementary Color Therapy and Inner Reality Therapy. Arlene is the creator of the internationally acclaimed Oracle Deck called ColorCards, Inner Guidance Made Simple through the Vibration of Color.

The tools offered at include intuitive card decks, books, CD’s, videos, courses, readings, and transformational sessions.













Darielle Archer


The Positive Works, Natural Choice Network, National Guild of Hypnotists


Driving my curiosity to find answers lead me to from the Appalachian Mountains, the West coast, most of the 50 states to the jungles of Costa Rica, UK, and China and to the top of the world in Lhasa. Studying and discovering this amazing planet, its people, animals and plants.


Intuitive Consultant, Tarot Reader, Energy Healer, Certified as a hypnotherapist, 22+ years with the National Guild of Hypnotist, Breakthrough coach, as holistic energy worker, Clearing and Protection Specialist, animal communicator, Feng Shui Consultant, and rescuer of animals.  Her knowledge gives her the ability to see beyond the words or actions to understand the underlying motivations.










Rory Briski


Briski Consulting, LLC

Three of his six published books have been Best Sellers on best seller lists hitting positions of #1, #10 and #19.









Justin Elzie



Justin Crockett Elzie is an Archetypal Astrologer, Master Numerologist and Teacher.  He gives in-depth transformational consultations helping people maximize their potential.  He looks at the Natal, and Progressed Astrology Charts along with the Lunar Return Charts to give a person an idea of what is going on in their life and what is coming up for them.  He also uses Tarot, Runes, and Tibetan Dice as divination tools in his readings.







Ted Mahr


Out of this World Radio

Psychic and Author, Radio and Television Talk Show Host
Out of this World Radio and Television
San Francisco/Miami Florida/Vienna Austria

Deni Luna


East West & Vision Quest

Intuitive reader, healer


Intuitive Counselor, Wellness Practitioner and Healer.












J-Marie Edler

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Over the years, we have dealt with a variety of heath issues and had been looking for natural alternatives to provide relief, as well as something natural that could support our health. We had not found a solution!

Jane de Forest

Jane's Inspiration, LLC

As an intuitive coach, animal communicator, and medium for almost 20 years, Jane has worked with personal and business clients all over the world. With her automatic drawing technique, Jane draws renderings of people and places she has never seen from the clients life, in an original art piece for clients to keep. Her healing sessions facilitate “soul retrieval”, “ancestral lineage clearing”, “spirit guides” or “akashic record & past live” journeys, helping people move through old patterns and access valuable guidance. She is known for the integrity, humor, talent, and sensitivity she brings to her sessions, which leave her clients feeling inspired, supported, and seen.

Jane de Forest has studied at The Rhode Island School of Design, with Lakota & plant medicine Shaman, Buddhist meditation teachers, and Jean Huston’s Mystery School, and has journeyed to sacred sites in Peru, Bali & Egypt. Her book Love Never Dies has won three awards and is translated into three languages.

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